Many of you have set your New Year’s resolutions and that is great!
But I am going to share a helpful tip that is better than a New Year’s resolution!
What’s better than a New Year’s resolution? It’s called a “SMART goal.”
Here’s why resolutions aren’t always ideal: They’re usually not specific enough, they’re seldom measurable, they’re only sometimes achievable, they’re often not completely relevant, and they’re rarely time bound. In short, resolutions are generally vague.
Instead, we focus on SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals. Resolutions indicate desire and motivation—which are great!—but clearer statements will help you get real results faster.
Resolution example: “I vow to get fitter in 2022!”
SMART example: “I’m setting a goal of working out three times every week from now until July 1 so I can lose 10 lb. and fit into my swimsuit.”
Another SMART example: “I want to add 20 lb. to my back squat before June 1.”
The differences are obvious. Resolutions often don’t point to specific actions, and they don’t provide deadlines or accountability. SMART goals highlight clear steps that must be taken on a timeline. Later this week I will share the worksheet we use with our members here at Phase 6 to develop their SMART goals. 

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