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For the last 10 years, athletes from all over Ohio have trained with our strength and performance staff because of our ability to increase strength, power, speed, agility, mobility/pliability, and sports specific endurance. Our elite strength and performance staff has vast experience training athletes of all ages and sports. Our athletes trained includes NFL players, Arena Football players, Collegiate (All-Conference & All-American Performers), High School (All-Conference, All-District, All-State, and All-American Performers).


Designed for Athletes Ages 14+

Our advanced athlete program helps each individual athlete maximize their athletic potential.
Athletes will:
  • get stronger
  • get faster
  • jump higher
  • react faster
  • increase power
  • improve mobility/pliability
  • improve sports specific endurance
  • improve self-confidence
  • gain a competitive advantage
Off-Season, Pre-Season, In-Season training available.


Designed for Athletes Ages 10-14
Junior Beast Performance Program helps youth athletes (ages 10-14) improve their Relative Strength.
Improving Relative Strength is the most important factor in unlocking athletic potential at this age of development. During our program your child will:
  • have more control over their body
  • move more agile, move faster, and be able to jump higher/further
  • have a strong foundation to develop elite levels of explosiveness and power
Our elite strength and performance coaches have vast experience working with athletes of all ages, therefore we understand the importance of athletic development at it’s foundation. Too many athletes jump right into lifting weights before their bodies are able to handle additional weight loads. Skipping what we at Phase 6 know to be the most critical key to improving athletic development at their age – Relative Strength. Junior Beast is the bridge between this gap.
Junior Beast Performance Program will help athletes improve their Relative Strength without loading the body with unnecessary weight loads. It’s all about exerting impressive amounts of force and how strong an athlete is for their size.
Junior Beast is a 2x or 3x per week – 1 hour training session program.


Athletes ages 5-9
Mini Beast Performance Program helps young athletes (ages 5-10)
  • develop their athletic foundation
  • build and develop great fitness habits
  • practice safe movements to increase relative strength and speed
Our elite strength and performance coaches have vast experience working with athletes of all ages, therefore we understand the importance of athletic development at it’s foundation. Mini Beast is a fun way for athletes to learn teamwork, leadership and character building.
At Phase 6, we believe every well rounded athlete has a healthy body, mind and heart. At Mini Beast, we train our bodies to be fast and strong, we train our minds by practicing being confident leaders, and we train our hearts by using grit to finish each session strong!
Mini Beast is a 2x per week – 1 hour training session program. We understand busy schedules so we offer at least three sessions per week for families to choose from.



Your child will develop movement patterns that will make them less likely to get injured in sports.


Our classes help kids develop an exercise routine that they can stick to for a


Group classes teach teamwork. Fitness games teach kids how to lead others through inspiration and encouragement.


Our kids develop self-accountability and confidence, which makes them less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.


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